CAT 6 115/1

Non-Standard Skirting

Cat 6 115/1
114 x 60mm
Profile lengths include lids.
3m - 115.1136
6m - 115.1166

Requires non-standard adaptor plate (by others) to accept standard outlets.

For Column Surrounds, site dimensions are required.  Custom corner covers are included:
Two Sides - 115.1926
Three Sides - 115.1936
Four Sides - 115.1946  These are fabricated in two parts with joiners.  Provision for dropper feeds made if required

Download Datasheet

Commonly requested factory fabricated components shown, custom fabricated units also available.

Internal corners 115.1306
External corners 115.1316 incl cnr cvr
Corner covers only 84.0380

Flat T data right 115.1516
Flat T data left 115.1506

Flat bend data int w cnr cvr - 115.1406
Flat bend data ext w cnr cvr - 115.1416
Replacement corner cover 84.0470



90 degree end cap right and left ending. Rivet or screw fix to profiles. 115.0626

45 degree end cap right ending - 115.1616
45 degree end cap left ending - 115.1606

Power and data fixing plates 70.0040 (pair)
Joining pieces - rivet or screw fix, Supplied in pairs - 10.0100
Adaptor plate eg PDL 591CP required for standard outlets.  Also PDL 56 Series capable