Powder coated Interserv Trunking enhances interiors.  It can be an architectural feature, yet it can be recessed and hidden if required.  It is easily maintained and kept clean while offering strong, secure housing - thus the integrity of the data and power cabling within is maintained.

Equally, our natural anodised finish gives an extremely hard surface finish - an attractive somewhat industrial metallic silver look.  This finish is extremely suitable for challenging industrial and warehousing environments.  It is suitable too for some office and commercial interiors where it offers a more edgy look, a change from the sophisticated colour finishes...

Powder Coating

Epoxy Powder Coating (EPC) is robust, hard wearing and attractive with over 100 colours to choose from. Interserv's standard ex-stock powder finish is Penrose White.  If another is needed select a colour from our recommended suppliers below!  Depending on quantities allow two to three days for processing.


Interserv's Natural (for uncoloured) Anodised product is anodised at about 12.5 micron film thickness. For comparison, yacht masts are usually at 25 micron, and high exposure exterior 20 micron. Normal exposure 12.5; thickness for products with low exposure is usually 7 microns.


Anodising provides a very hard, durable finish.


Paint Suppliers

Select a colour from any of our recommended suppliers below: