Skirting and accessory joiners are recommended.  They facilitate accurate alignment, add to its already impressive structural integrity, and assist with meeting electrical continuity requirements.  We suggest one joiner pair per two lengths joined, two pairs per corner or flat bend, three pairs per Tee junction.

Interserv Trunking accepts standard sized and slimline/worktop power and data fittings, depending on profile. In a few Cat 5 profiles and 1 x Cat 6 profile adaptor plates are necessary if standard fittings are to be used.  As well, PDL 56 series fittings can be used and require the mounting holes to be predrilled.  An installation template is available on request.

Power is usually installed in the upper smaller channel where the channels are different sizes, and data outlets in the lower or larger channel.  Their installation is easy and fast.  Best practice requires the fixing screws supplied with the outlet to be trimmed short after installation to remove the risk of damage to passing cables.

Also important: the small fixing plate - 38.0040 - must always be installed the right way up.  The pre-drilled hole must be more towards the top.  In all cases a rotation snipe should be in the top right hand corner when looking at the plate in its position.

Rotate clockwise to lock in place.

Push - rotate clockwise fixing plates into grooves.

Set up profile lines and place fixing plates where outlets will be needed.

Terminate all wiring then fix data and power outlet fittings.

Cut cover plate to suit and snap in place.

45.0040 for 45/1 only
38.0040 small
70.0040 large
84.0040 jumbo