Powder Coating

Some non-standard powders are made to order (MTO), some are available in NZ by indent from offshore.  Particularly with wet paint colour matching, be careful to understand that powder and wet paint colour choices are vastly different.  Powder colours change infrequently, wet paint colours on a marketing whim.   When you buy a wet paint, you buy it by the litre.  When we buy MTO powders, we buy 50-80kg minimum, depending on the colour components.

Existing powder colours can be matched more or less exactly (the exactness depends on the age and wear of the original), with or without a Lab analysis; others can be closely matched by eye.  If there is simply a close match requirement we will take advice from the paint manufacturers and select those showing slightly lighter/darker/more/less hue intensity, offering you a powder option either side from which to choose.

Lead times vary around three weeks for MTO and two weeks for indent.